Electric Locks

Electric Locks

Electric Locks

In recent years, many home and business owners have been turning from the traditional lock and key toward electronic door locks. Keyless door locks use technology that is generally more reliable, more convenient, and easier to change for security purposes than the traditional lock and key system.

Types of Keyless Entry

Depending on the location and needs of your home or business, one of the following options may work best for you:

Keypad door locks – sometimes called digital door locks, are activated by a unique number and/or letter combination

Remote door locks – also commonly called smart door locks. These models appear similar to keypad door locks. However, in addition to combination activated entry system, these wireless door locks can be activated and deactivated remotely using an Internet connected device.

Biometric door lock – activated by a unique trait of an individual, such as fingerprints, that has been pre-programmed as “acceptable” into a database of users. If a user’s access must be revoked, all it takes is a simple deletion from the system.

Magnetic locks – these locks can use any of the above activation systems to control access to an area using electromagnetism. The major advantage of magnetic locks systems is that they can withstand an immense amount of force, but will open and remained open in the case of an emergency.

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