Live Jobsite Surveillance System

Live Jobsite Surveillance System

ORBIT Security Systems provides your jobsite with 24/7 live video monitoring!

Reduce security costs: Security guards on site can cost thousands of dollars monthly, ORBIT will provide you with a reliable and responsive system for a lot less.

Custom Built System: Design the system that best suits your needs. whether you request only exterior views or interior, beyond work hours, during the weekend, you choose what fits your location and work schedule.

24-hour Live access: This system provides the customer with 24/7 live access to the cameras on site through the mobile app. So, you can be updated on any event in real time or just keep tabs on the employees during the day.

Authorities dispatched directly to your location: In the event of an intrusion, the customer will be contacted immediately, then given a choice whether to disregard the alert (Could be an employee working late) or dispatch the police directly to the property location.

Mobilized system: Utilize the same system from location to location once project is complete. This system is equipped with vandal-proof cameras which provide long-term durability use. Once you have completed the work on a current location you can use the same system at your next project.

Giving home and business owners the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their privacy and security.