Access Control


Access Control

Access control is a hot topic today. Traditional lock and key systems are difficult to maintain, expensive to replace, and a huge liability if a lost key is found by the wrong person. Many businesses and residential customers are looking to alternative solutions. Orbit Security Systems is New York City’s reliable and affordable company for door entry systems.

Orbit offers a number of system options for access control security measures, including:

Card access systems – Access control systems use swipe cards, RFID cards, and other types of proximity cards. These cards deactivate the lock when in the presence of the card scanner.

Biometric readers – The most popular type of biometric reading system is fingerprint access control. This is an excellent choice for home or office entry control, as fingerprints are unique and cannot be stolen and forgotten.

Fob systems – Like access cards, fobs are swiped on a scanner to deactivate the lock. They are convenient as they can be attached to keyrings, making them more difficult to misplace than access cards.

Receptionist door control – In this system, an individual who is able to identify potential entrants into a home or office manually unlocks the door.

Door Buzzer
Enables manual operation of the access system! Buzz-in the delivery guy, The office receptionist can buzz-in clients in the lobby right from the desk station!

Every company and residence is different and has unique needs when it comes to access entry. Discuss your needs with an Orbit Security Systems specialist so we can help you choose the best access control system that is right for you.

Giving home and business owners the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their privacy and security.