The customer service and work done was great. I had to replace an old magnet system for my front two doors and received a new secure tech lock. The job was done in a prompt and well informed way. Tom explained the job before hand and kept me informed along the way.
10/14/2018 - Jeffrey Brathwaite(New York, NY)
Great . Tom is thorough, efficient and responsive to the customer’s needs. He is creative, resourceful and highly intelligent. He has exceptionally good inter-personal skills. Excellent, high quality work which took into consideration all necessary aspects in an outstanding manner.
08/28/2018 – Jack Einheber (Forest Hills, NY)
It went very well. They were very efficient as it only took a few days. They cleaned everything spick and span. Overall, everyone has been very pleased with the new system. We are thinking of installing security cams and we would definitely hire them to do it.
08/15/2018 – Bill Murphy
Excellent service. I sent them a message, and they came over very quickly to help me gain access to my apartment after a key was lost. They removed the cylinder to my door lock, leaving everything else in tact, and did this all very quickly. They were great to deal with! Orbit sets the standard for being a highly competent, honest locksmith at a fair price. Don’t hesitate. Call them if you need a locksmith!
08/06/2018 – Frank Wermert (New York, NY)
Roman was excellent, the office staff is very efficient. Super easy to work with and the quality of the work is great. I’d recommend them to anyone!
10/3/2018 - Anna R.Manhattan, NY
They’re great! Wonderful customer service that took care of me quickly. I needed a security system installed for my new office and they were able to recommend me a great system. The Install was quick and easy. All around affordable. It doesn’t get much better than this!
7/18/2018 - Randy M. Manhattan, New York
Great Service! Very professional and communicative. I inherited a system at work that had fallen into disrepair. Tom was able to give me an accurate estimate very quickly and the work was done within the week. Highly Recommended!
10/14/2018 - Bob JonesManhattan, New York

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