Cabling & Wiring

Cabling & Wiring

IT Network Cabling & Wiring

The advancements in technology in the security industry have made home and business security both more accessible and more affordable. Once you’ve made the decision to install a home or office security system, the next step is to ensure that your house or business is securely wired for a network

While many homes and businesses already have networks installed, Orbit Security Systems is equipped to build and install your Ethernet cabling to create your network structure. When we’re done, all you’ll need is your network provider!

Home Network Wiring

If you’ve just moved, or perhaps built a new home, you’ll likely require network cabling if you intend to use the Internet in your home without running up your cell phone bill. Our trained cabling and wiring team will come to your house on your schedule and prepare your home with all wiring necessary for network setup.

Commercial Network Cabling

Whether you’re just relocated to a new facility, or you’re ready to install a network for the first time, Orbit Security Systems is ready to get you connected! Our wiring technicians will run Ethernet cables from individual jacks all the way to the central IT room, building the physical network structure.

When your New York City home or business is ready for network cabling and wiring, give the installation experts at Orbit Security Systems a call. Our courteous and reliable installation team will meet you on your schedule and get your house or office network-ready! Give us a call at 646-561-8618 to schedule your consultation and free estimate.

Giving home and business owners the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their privacy and security.